Turbo Trainer Workouts With Live Data

Structured turbo training sessions with your data streamed to the screen as you pedal - Making you a fitter cyclist the intelligent way!

Power+ Beta will guide you with absolute precision through your chosen workout using Power data from your bike or turbo trainer. Fully customised sessions mean you train with 100% confidence and get instant feedback.

Beta Trial

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Power+ is currently in beta testing. Try it for FREE until 6th April 2014. Simply sign up and start training with wireless data as you pedal!

Pedal, Transmit, Train..

Using the latest Ant+ technology, Power+ beta will display your stats on the screen as they happen. Download our software, pick a workout and view your data as it happens! Benefit from proxy power (we use data from your turbotrainer and bike to equate a power reading), our unique "cog system" (keep things green to make sure your training in the right zone) and much more! See the Starters Guide for all the info you need to get going!

Don't like all this fancy stuff?

We have it covered! No need for any Ant+ equipment, just a bike and turbotrainer. Click here to view details about our Classic (web) turbotraining workout player.

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